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Useful Links:   [This page is under constant revision and development]

   This page provides a list of important links on the world-wide web in the following areas:

General student resources: Portals, search engines, etc:
American Psychological Association
Association for Humanistic Psychology
Association for Transpersonal Psychology
British Association for Counselling &
British Psychological Society
Scientific and Medical Network 
The Society of Analytical Psychology

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy  
Professional Issues:
APA Code of Ethics

BPS Style Guide
BPS Code of Conduct, Ethics, etc

PsycINFO  (You will need an Athens account)
   (NEC Citation Index)

Academic Calendar
The Library

General resources:
AnyPcFixed  (Highly Recommended)
Geometry psychology portal
Psychology Information Sources
Encyclopedia of Psychology
Internet Psychologist
PSYCLINE  (Web journals guide)
LTSN Psychology
Experimental Psychology Lab
The Joy of Visual Perception
The Whole Brain Atlas

Scientific American Frontiers
British Medical Journal

Second-hand books:

Newspapers & e-Books:
The Times

Leicester, travel, weather, etc:
The Snug, Leicester
Midland Mainline  (Tickets)
UK Tide Tables (BBC Weather)
Orange Wednesdays
Facebook  (Login)
Airport Guide

Good Causes:
The Hunger Site  (a click-a-day is worth it!)


[They may not be quite so magical as in Being John Malkovich, but portals are one of the most powerful ways of accessing a very wide range of resources on the internet. Also, some search engines, like Yahoo, work as portals]

Psychology Gateway

Library of Congress - World Portal
Complete Planet  (access to the "hidden" web)
  (search here for any work of art)
Academic Info
Open Directory Project 
WWW Virtual Library
World Lecture Hall
Project Gutenburg
International Affairs
Derechos Cafe  (Human Rights)
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
UK Universities
UK University Libraries
The British Library

Museum of Online Museums

Search engines:
[There are many useful Search Engines, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Depending upon my needs, I use all of the following]
Dogpile  (the no mess meta-search engine!)
Metacrawler  (which includes Metaspy)
Ask Jeeves!
Nothern Light
Proteus  (the meta-meta-search engine!)
Web Rings:
[Web rings are very useful ways of finding sites with similar themes. Here are some sites that give links to their webrings]
Psychotherapy Webring
Human Mind Webring
Qualitative Research Webring

The Global Ideas Bank 
Museum of Tolerance
Project Censored
Panic Encyclopedia
Historical Atlas of 20th Century

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Miniature Library of Philosophy
Shakespeare resource (Palomar College)
Bible concordance
Postmodern Therapy News
Everything Postmodern
The Skeptic's Dictionary
American Museum of Natural History
How Stuff Works
CIA - World Factbook


History of Psychology:

Psychology - World Lecture Hall
Classics in the History of Psychology
WWW Psychology Virtual Library
Current Topics in Psychology
Psychology Hall of Fame  (now disabled)
About Psychology  (@

Cognitive Psychology:





Counselling Psychology: Psychotherapy:
[I use the terms "counselling" and "therapy" interchangeably, and do not find the distinctions that others make between them very helpful. But it is still necessary to use these terms from time to time, and here I use the term "counselling psychology" to refer to a more practical and evidence-based emphasis, and "psychotherapy" to a more theoretical and reflective-based emphasis]

General sites
BPS - Division of Counselling Psychology

Counselling Resources
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
Philosophy & Counselling  (Tim LeBon)
  (Independent Practitioners Network)
Non-Mainstream resources
Network for Research on Experiential
J. of Heart-Centred Therapies

Carl Rogers  (@ Mythos  & Logos)
Carl Rogers
  (Kathy Jo Hall)

"An exploration of the gestalt approach . . "
British Gestalt Journal
The Gestalt Therapy Page
Frederick Perls - A life chronology

Narrative therapy
Dulwich Centre
Narrative therapy  (Virtual Faculty)


General sites
Psyche Matters

Types of therapy
Introduction to Psychotherapy
About Psychotherapy
Classical Adlerian Psychology

Sigmund Freud
The Freud Page 
The Freud Web
The Freud Museum
Psychoanalysis & Beyond  (@ Mythos & Logos)
Psychoanalysis - An online resource
American Psychoanalytic Association
British Psychoanalytical Society
Free Associations
Robert M. Young's "The Unconscious in the
     therapeutic process"
IPA Report - Outcome studies in psychoanalysis

Carl Jung
Jungian Studies (IAJS)
C.G. Jung Page 
Carl Jung  (@ Mythos  & Logos)
Jungian Psychology (Michael Daniels)
Jung Society of Atlanta
Jungian Analysis
Psychological Types
Inner Explorations

Object Relations
Victor Daniel's website

Melanie Klein
Melanie Klein  (@ Mythos  & Logos)
Kleinian Studies eJournal
Robert M. Young's papers on Klein
Klein biography
"Correspondences between Bion and Klein . . "
"The return to Melanie Klein"

Donald Winnicott
Winnicott - His Life and Work
D.W. Winnicott  (@ Mythos  & Logos)
"Winnicott's potential spaces"
  (Michael Szollosy)

R.D. Laing
R.D. Laing  (@ Mythos  & Logos)

Jacques Lacan
"Lacan and Language"
Jacques Lacan  (@ Mythos  & Logos)

Erik Erikson
Erik Erikson  (C.G. Boeree)
Erikson's Eight Stages
Erik Erikson biography
Erikson  (Psychology About)




Transpersonal Psychology: Humanistic-Existential Psychology:
Transpersonal Gateway
Guide to the Transpersonal Internet
Virtual Library for Transpersonal Psychology
Association for Transpersonal Psychology
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
European Transpersonal Assoc.
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Mythos Institute
Michael Daniels' Homepage
Transpersonal Psychology  (John Davis)
Journal of Consciousness Studies
The Mind's Eye  (eJournal)
The Neural Surfer
Int. J. Transpersonal Studies
What is Enlightenment?
Psychosynthesis  (Chebucto Community)
Intro to Integrative Psychosynthesis

Ken Wilber
Ken Wilber Online
The World of Ken Wilber
Integral Psychology
The Integral Institute

A.H. Almaas
Ridhwan Foundation

Stanislav Grof
Assoc. for Holotropic Breathwork (Int.)

Charles T. Tart
Charles Tart's Homepage

Quantum Consciousness (Stuart Hameroff)
Psyche  (Interdisciplinary journal)

Service as a way of knowing
New Group of World Servers

Spiral Dynamics
Spiral Dynamics
An introduction to Spiral Dynamics

Association for Humanistic Psychology
AHP Perspective
AHP - John Rowan's guide to HP
Assoc. Japanese Humanistic Psychology
Old Saybrook II
Esalen Center
Humanistic Psychology Learning Community
Existential-Humanistic Institute
Human Potential Voices
"The role of the humanistic movement . . " (Wertz)
"Defining the paradigm . . "
Mythos & Logos
INPM  (International Network on Personal Meaning)
Victor Daniels' homepage
Flemming Neft's homepage
Resources for humanistic studies
Phenomenology Online
Phenomenological Existentialism  (C.G. Boeree)
The Realm of Existentialism

Abraham Maslow
Abraham Maslow  (@top-psychology)
Maslow Nidus

Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers  (@ Mythos  & Logos)

Rollo May
Rollo May
Rollo May  (@ Mythos & Logos)
May - "Intentionality, the heart of human will"

Erich Fromm
Erich Fromm
Int. Erich Fromm Society
The Two Voices of Erich Fromm

Viktor Frankl
Frankl Online




Discursive & Narrative Psychology: Critical Psychology:
Social Constructionism
The Virtual Faculty
Kenneth Gergen

Analysing Discourse
Discourse Analysis (Loughborough, UK)
DARG (Loughborough, UK)

Critical Discourse Analysis
Norman Fairclough

Narrative inquiry
Centre for Narrative Research (UEL)
Narrative Psychology (Vincent Hevern)
Narrative Psychology (Kevin Murray)
Story Telling Psychology
(Miller Mair)
Medicine and Story  (Illness Explorer)
Clinical Narrative Psychology
Constructivism and Narrative Psychology
Narrative and Personal Identity

Critical Psychology Network
Critical Psychology  (Dennis Fox)
Radical Psychology Network
Radical Constructivism
"Critical Psychology: critical links"  (Ian Parker)
"How modern is postmodern?"  (Eberhard Wenzel)
Critical Theory
Illuminations: The Critical Theory website




Cultural Psychology: Human Differences:
[See also: Semiotics, Communication, etc.]

The Noam Chomsky Archive
Vygotsky Resources
Vygotsky Project  (@ Virtual Faculty)
Innateness of the Human Mind (AHRB Project)
"The rediscovery of the human mind"  (Rom Harre)
  (Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism) 

Film (Cultural/Cognitive Psychology)
Journal of Moving Image Studies
Film Studies for Free (Cog Film Studies)
Image & Narrative




Personal Construct Psychology
PCP & George Kelly - An introduction

Savant Syndrome
Wisconsin Medical Society

What is Savant Syndrome? (Christina Chang)
The Autistic Savant
Phenomenal Talent (Lyndall Hendrickson)
Savant Syndrome (BBC World Service)
Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Association for Psychological Type
MBTI Articles  (
The Personality Page
MBTI (@ Teamtechnology)
David Kiersey's Temperament Sorter

Social Model of Disability
The Social Model of Disability (1) (MCC)
The Social Model of Disability (2) 
What is disability?
Disability Rights Commission



Human Science: Qualitative Inquiry:
IHRS Newsletter

Pioneers  of Human Science
Giambattista Vico  (@ Mythos & Logos)
Franz Brentano
Wilhelm Dilthey  (@ Mythos & Logos)
Amedeo Giorgi

John Heron
John Heron's Extended Epistemology
A Layperson's Guide to Co-operative Inquiry
Special Issue: Co-operative Inquiry 

Action Research (Peter Reason)
Peter Reason's website
Participation in Human Inquiry (Full text)
The Action Turn
Handbook of Action Research (Intro)

Integral Inquiry
Integral Inquiry

Phenomenological Inquiry
PhenomenologyOnline (Max Van Manen)


Very Useful:

Heron & Reason (1997)
Research Paradigms (Chapter)
Qualitative Research Methods (Full text)
The Qualitative Report
FQS (Forum for Qualitative Social Research)
Quilting Bee: A research metaphor  (Rhoda Sommers)
How to read a paper
(Trisha Greenhalgh)

Qualitative Research  (Beth Rodgers)
Grounded theory: a thumbnail sketch
Grounded theory as scientific method
Intro to grounded theory
The creation of theory

Useful, but distracting:
Qualitative Research Methods (Helpsheet)
Qualitative Methods (Knowledge base)
Qualitative Research (University of Plymouth)
Qualitative Data Analysis (15 methods)

NVivo 10:
Formatting Documents for NVivo ( Pat Bazeley)
Pat Bazeley's Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo (2013)
         Companion Website
QSR International
What's new in NVivo 10
NVivo 10 - Getting Started Guide (QSR)
NVivo 10 - Reference Guide ( Pat Bazeley)
Introduction to NVivo (Durham University)
NVivo 10 - How-to videos  (YouTube / QSR)
NVivo 10 - Tutorial (Coding) (Deborah Rowe)
NVivo 10 - Basic Introductory Lecture (Stanford University)

NVivo 9:
What's new in NVivo 9
Guide to NVivo 9 (Durham University)
NVivo 9 - Find themes & analyse
NVivo 9 - Interviews, articles, documents
NVivo 9 - Working with audio, video and image
NVivo 9 - Visualizing your project

Aids to Transcription:
Basic transcription can be done within NVivo, but these are more useful:
f4 (Free software from Audiotranskription, and a very, very useful website)
Wavepad  (Free, but for a limited time)



Semiotics: Communication, film theory, media, etc:
Good Introductions
Semiotics for Beginners  (Daniel Chandler)
Semiotics: An introduction
Sign, Signifier, Signified

Useful Resources
Semiotic resources (Martin Ryder's site at University of Colorado at Denver)
Open Semiotics Resource Centre
Journal of Memetics
Cyber Semiotic Institute
Centre for Semiotics   (Univ. of Aarhus)
Semiotic Analysis of Images
Semiotics - Hypertext project  (Byron Hawk)
Internet Encyclopedia of Semiotics
    (University of Lund)
The Semiotics of Media  (Tom Streeter)
Semiotic Terminology  (Tom Streeter)
Dictionary of Symbolism

Ernst Cassirer
Cassirer and Symbolic form  (Princeton Univ.)

Jacob von Uexküll Centre
Ontosemiotics   (Jorge Conesa)
Uexküll's Umwelt and Semiotic Matrix Theory


Visual Communication
Studying Visual Communication  (Sol Worth)

Sofia Study of Film
Cinema History
Intro to Genre Theory
  (Daniel Chandler)
Marxist Media Theory  (Daniel Chandler)
Film Theory  (@ Mountain Dew)
Images  (film journal)
Film & Philosophy  (film journal)
"Ten things wrong with the effects model" 
Internet Movie Database

David Gauntlett's website
Lines of Communication




Complexity theory: Other resources:
Brint Institute
Fransico Varela
Society for Chaos Theory

The Upanishads
Perennial Philosophy
Gregory Bateson
Towards an ecology of mind
Darwin Awards

Avatamsaka Sutra
The Flower Garland Sutra
Buddhist Online audio archives

The Gnostic Society
Gnosis Archive
The Nag Hammadi Library

Kahil Gibran
The Prophet

Ibn 'Arabi
Ibn 'Arabi Society
Ibn 'Arabi - Online resources


Iraq Documents:

US Government Views on IRAQ
Disturbing Pictures of Iraqi Victims
Operation Telic
Operation Iraqi Freedom Imagery
The Downing Street Memo(s)
Sunday Times article (i)
Sunday Times article (ii)








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