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I am now placing my lecture notes on the internet. Also, from time to time, I am asked to offer lectures to other modules. This page is an index to the various handouts and related materials to support these lectures. They are grouped here by topic, rather than by module. An asterisk (*) denotes that the notes are password protected.


Mind, Meaning and Discourse (Lectures) *
Cultural Psychology and the Media (Lectures 17 - 22) *
Introducing Humanistic Psychology *
Pioneers of Humanistic Psychology *
Sexuality and Gender  - Desire and Difference
Psychodynamic Psychology: An introduction *
Carl Jung: An introduction *
Savant Syndrome
Social Construction of Health
Human Differences
Qualitative Inquiry
  1. Freud Lecture   
  2. Jung Lecture
  3. Object Relations Lecture


   [This page is constantly under review]